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Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Community.

NAACP Innovation Academy 2020

Our mission is simple, smart, and solutions-oriented - to empower aspiring change makes with the resources to harness their creativity and imaginations to take their success to the next level.

The Innovation Academy 2020 youth program, called Compete by Design offers an amazing opportunity to empower communities the NAACP serves with the resources necessary to establish small businesses by removing the common barriers to entry. The academy will accomplish this by introducing participants to University and Master Class quality content, tools and strategies around design thinking, innovation and new business start-up. Specifically, participants. In the course will complete the following Virtual, Fast-Paced, Interactive Sessions (over the course of 5 weeks):

  • Lesson 1:         Design Thinking and Frame Your Business Challenge;

  • Lesson 2:         Get Smart and Understanding Your Customer Needs;

  • Lesson 3:         Get The Right Ideas and Generating The Most Innovative Solution;

  • Lesson 4:         Get Your Ideas Right - Rapidly Prototyping and Testing Solutions; and

  • Lesson 5:         Pitch Your Solution and Gain Market Success.

Equally important, once an applicant is in the program all participants will be provided with additional tools and support in creating and launching their own small business.

Eligibility and Requirements

Participation in this program will be available to students and young adults ranging in ages from 16-19.  In addition to this age requirement, eligibility will be based on recommendations from reliable source(s) who can vouch for the candidates’ character and ability to complete the program. Candidates will also be required to undergo a thorough application process, which includes an entry essay designed to give participants an opportunity to describe why they are interested in participating in the program and what they aim to accomplish. These applications will be reviewed by the program leadership, which will select participants.

The Logistics 

The Innovation Academy 2020 Youth Program will be held virtually. Students will be in session on August 4 - September 1, Tuesdays, from 4:15 pm - 6:15 pm. 

About The Program: Our Programs
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