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Small Business Startup Summer Youth Program

Our mission is simple, smart, and solutions-oriented - to empower at-risk youth with the resources necessary to harness their creativity and imaginations to start new small businesses. Small businesses are essential in terms of building a community’s wealth and providing more opportunities in those communities, generally. The information, however, as to how to ideate and create small businesses and see them through to success is lacking in many under served communities. From funding to training, there is a shortage of resources to propel progress. Our program will offer a fun and exciting experience for participants, and at the same time, it will break down barriers and inspire participants to pursue business ownership.

Eligibility and Requirements

Participation in this program will be available to students and young adults ranging in ages from 16-19. In addition to this age requirement, eligibility will be based on recommendations from reliable source(s) who can vouch for the candidates’ character and ability to complete the program. Candidates will also be required to undergo a thorough application process, which includes an entry essay designed to give participants an opportunity to describe why they are interested in participating in the program and what they aim to accomplish. These applications will be reviewed by the program leadership, which will select participants.

The Program Model

By proving young people with access to business fundamentals, hands on experience, and mentorship, the process of business creation and ownership becomes less of a mystery and more of a mission. A mission that can be accomplished. The better equipped a budding business owner, the closer their goals become. And when it’s clear that they can root their businesses right in their own community, they not only enrich their own lives, but the entire community is positively affected.

The initial class will be limited to 25 students. The students will be combined into 8 teams, each with 3 team members.

The Logistics 

The Startup Youth Program will commence in November 2019, this program will be featured in the leading Worcester local organizations. The program will be held at the location to be named later. Students will be in session on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings from 6pm-8:30pm. 


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